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Zika virus hasn't been found in Quintana Roo

Zika virus hasn't been found in Quintana Roo

In Quintana Roo has not recorded any case of Zika, the entity remains free of the disease and works to continue, said the State Secretary of health, Juan Lorenzo Ortega Pacheco.
The official recalled that the National Center for Disease Control and prevention programs (Cenaprece) issued the past 18 January “Declaration of emergency epidemiological EE-1-2016 for all the federal entities of Mexico in the presence of cases of Zika virus, to strengthen and reinforce the actions of care and clinical management, Prevention, promotion and control, in order to reduce the impact of the disease among the population, with an emphasis on pregnant women”. The recommended measures are of a preventive nature before the who alert.
The Health Secretary said that the instance empowered to issue emergency and epidemiological alerts is the Cenaprece, which issued declaring epidemiological emergency for all the Federal States, strictly preventive.
-These protocols are required procedures for health institutions running or put in place preventive measures that apply, is not, any form one “epidemiological alert” and much less is exclusively directed to Quintana Roo - he said.
He pointed out that the Zika is treated with the same dedication, Prevention and surveillance measures, in the case of dengue fever and chikungunya, urging the population to take preventive measures.
Ortegon Pacheco indicated that Aedes Aegypti participate in the fight against diseases transmitted by the mosco 448 workers in the area of vector, supported by 57 vehicles, 52 machines ULV, 102 motomochilas, 35 termonebulizadoras, 12 Manual sprinkler pumps and 26 pumps Hudson.
In this respect, the federal Ministry of health, Mercedes Juan Lopez, recommended to the population in general, especially in pregnant women, take the necessary preventive measures, especially in Chiapas, Campache and Yucatan to prevent disease, that Aedes Aegypti is transmitted by the bite of the moso.
-In Mexico there are no cause for alarm thanks to a year, When it reported the first cases of Zika in America, the health sector was prepared to deal with this situation - he said.
Preventive measures for the population in general are basically the same recommended against dengue and chikungunya: wear long-sleeved shirt and apply mosquito repellent, clean the streets and courtyards of pots that accumulate water because in them you can nest vector, wash and cover deposits of water for human consumption and set nets in the home.
In the same way, Jesus Almaguer Salazar, Director of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau (OVC), He stressed the preventive measures taken in the State. “We applaud the protocols and sanitary measures that the Government of Quintana Roo after, through the State Secretariat of health, in accordance with the directions of the Federal Government, to prevent this disease in the entity”, added.
On the other hand, stressed that the who recommended yesterday, 1 February, which are not issued travel restrictions to the regions that reported cases of Zika and made recommendations on the Protocol to be followed, both for visitors and for the authorities of these regions.
On the other hand, the Governor Roberto Borge Angulo sent a message to providers of tourist services, travel agencies, tour operators and wholesalers to reiterate that Quintana Roo Zika and free that apply the protocols and preventive measures with strict attachment to the procedures established for the care and the peace of mind of those who live here and our visitors.

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