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Dreaming at Le Rêve

Dreaming at Le Rêve

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If you’re looking for a resort that feels like a private beachfront residence, then Le Rève is the best kept secret I know, as it comes complete with all-inclusive 5-star meals and open bar service. Le Rève, meaning ‘The Dream’, completely embodies this haute, boutique-style name. The 25 room boutique style hotel is steps away from the Caribbean Sea, I counted 3 steps from our Private Beachfront Bungalow to the sand, and about 35 steps to reach the perfectly refreshing Sea water. Le Rève is located on the corner of a private stretch of white sand beach in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, about 30 minutes from the Cancun airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Playa Del Carmen. 


First off, let me just tell you that you will be in absolute wide-eyed, ‘I can’t believe we’re really here’ mode for the first few days, from the minute you turn the corner in the foyer entrance and see the first view of the turquoise and neon blue Sea, with the infinity pool and wooden slatted pool deck in the foreground, and best of all, the entire grounds are so quiet, relaxing and well-kept as the hotel holds a maximum of 25 rooms worth of guests! 

The grounds are immaculate; décor focuses on white walls and floors, and dark stained wooden slats. The birds chirp happily each morning, a resident iguana could be seen sunbathing near the pool, and resident turtles perch on their rocks in their own private outdoor aquarium to take in the rays. Staff can be seen working hard in the mornings to clean and take care of the pool, cleaning floors, and always greeting you with a smile. 

The beach is simply stunning. White sand, coral rocks and plenty of fish! If you walk 2 minutes to the right just past the resort itself, there is clear blue water and sand and you can walk out ~100ft to a sand bar bringing you back up to hip-deep waters, and just…float there…. absorbing the good energy that exudes itself in the Riviera Maya. 


The Beachfront Bungalows, each with their own private infinity plunge pool (5/25 rooms), is not something to pass up. Open concept with floor to ceiling glass doors that open fully to your own private wooden slatted infinity pool deck & to let in the sea breeze. When you finally plunge onto the king-sized billowing white duvet, you look up and see the traditional Palapa roof, made with palm leaves and natural wood. We saw a couple of miniature lizard friends using the wood panels as their highway during our week stay, but they never bothered anyone! The marble floors, countertops, rain-style shower with private toilet room and all sheets and windows were cleaned to perfection daily. The cleaning service actually comes twice a day. Like I said…. We were totally spoiled.

Service & Food

Le Rève is centered around their 5 star service, from the moment of your arrival when you step foot into the open concept foyer you are greeted with a cool towel and refreshing cocktail, to the personalized restaurant service which caters to both omnivores and vegetarians, to the fantastic bartenders who provide drink service directly to your towel on the beach, to the cleaning staff who provide the best cleaning (& tidying!) service I have experienced in the Caribbean. Everyone seems genuinely excited to serve you, and to give you helpful tips along the way. The resident excursion staff are very professional (not pushy) and are there to look out for you, to help you save $ and match you up with the excursion you’re looking for!
le-reve-mexico-5The menu at Le Rève is seriously something to write home about! As I mentioned, you can specify your dietary needs upon arrival, and the chef will then be able to purchase the ingredients necessary for the vegetarian menu. For breakfast, the farm fresh eggs have luscious dark yellow yolks, the fruit is fresh, the French toast is unbelievably fluffy, and, point blank, it is just TOO GOOD. For lunch, there are 2 menus, the restaurant menu and the bar snack menu, which I hesitate to call a “bar snack menu” as it is laden with fresh guacamole, alongside fresh pico de gallo, ceviche, tacos, a gourmet Caribbean inspired burger, to name a few. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been to many bars and been offered such a seasonally inspired menu such as this, and the best part is that there are so many fresh vegetable and protein- based dishes that it truly re-energizes you for all the snorkelling or beach-reading (or sleeping!) you wish to do! Dinner is truly another 5 star experience, the presentation and experimentation of flavours is just spot-on. The steak is thick and juicy, the snapper is cooked to perfection, I could go on and on!
Pool bar closes @ 6pm, restaurant bar @ 11pm, so, if you want to party into the wee hours, head down to Playa Del Carmen in a cab, approximately 20$ US/Canadian each way.
If you don’t get the point by now, I’ll lay it out for ya…. If you are looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating, sensory pampering  getaway….Go. Now. Just book it. Book it before someone else does!
I was so torn writing this blog showcasing Le Reve because I would love to keep this hidden gem what it is, a hidden gem!  But you know what they say… if you love something, set it free! Please mention “Everything Beautiful Blog – Adrienne” when booking your stay!
Toll Free for USA & Canada: 01-800-987-1509.
Email for any questions is info@hotellereve.com
And don´t forget our website www.hotellereve.com.

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