jueves, 25 de junio de 2015


Although there is poverty in Mexico, there is also a large percentage of Mexicans who hold graduate degrees and there are many very wealthy Mexicans. There is also a middle class, which is a level quickly disappearing in the United States and other countries internationally. The uneducated and poorer class of Mexicans live mainly in the very rural areas of the country.
While living in Mexico, you will experience an atmosphere reminiscent of post-WWII in North America, when the all family members lived together or next door to one another. The elders are always revered and cared for, with grandparents being an integral part of the lives of their grandchildren.
Mexican families still invest in family business. Family members work hard and put in long hours. The Mexican people are resourceful and enterprising, taking great pride in their work.
If you value a traditional lifestyle, and enjoy a vacation style living, you’ll love living, working or retiring in Mexico.

Source: mexicolivingnow.com

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